Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Watercolor Wednesday - Just Gelli-in!

First Print

First "Ghost" print
The smaller circles are from wooden spools dipped into the leftover paint on the Gelli plate

Second "Ghost" print
Those other cool circles are from the ends of cash register roll tubes!

Rolling excess paint off the brayer and making another print!

Since it was the last day of class for the session, and since our teacher had attended a workshop demo using Gelli plates for printmaking - we could work on our projects and try our hand at this.  

We used the 5" x 7" plate.  But as I found out the next day at Art Supply, there are many different sizes and shapes. 

You use acrylics, but the slow-drying type - High and/or Slow Flow. 

Everyone's all turned out differently, with feathers, washers, leaves, sticks, paperclips, lace, corrugated name it, we used it.    Strathmore has their own version of printmaking paper (we used the Yellow "Better" level), but Bristol Smooth paper works well, too.

I'm looking forward to playing and creating with this new medium.  
Let's just say I earned this badge! 

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