Monday, October 20, 2014

Making your own carbon transfer paper

As a quick project, we made our own carbon transfer paper in watercoloring class!

DIY carbon graphite transfer paper

This is a great way to transfer your drawings in your sketchbook to watercolor paper.  Just photocopy the sketch, even enlarge it, put it on top of the transfer paper graphite side down on top the watercolor paper, outlining your design.   

I also plan to use it to make additional variations of a watercolor I painted.   I really loved the sketch I did -- and rather than try to redraw it again,  I will use a photocopy I made.  Time and sanity-saving!  

One of the advantages to making your own is it is much easier to erase the tracings on your paper, as there isn't a waxy finish you may find on commercial transfer paper.  It is also reusable, foldable and transportable to stick in your supply bag.

All you need is a sheet of vellum (or tracing paper, the vellum seems a bit sturdier), lighter fluid, a cotton ball and a graphite stick.

Using the side of the graphite stick, cover one side of the vellum.  Wet the cotton ball (not dripping) with lighter fluid and rub the paper, which will dissolve the graphite.

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