Friday, June 13, 2014


This past Tuesday I was very fortunate to get a seat in the Pearl Museum Art Workshop "Pastels Explored" with Linda Dellandre.  I have never worked with pastels before.  I had a couple of boxes in my studio, unopened/unused, which I had bought on sale/clearance in hopes of using them someday.  And that day arrived!  Linda explained her techniques very well, including some very good advice I can use with other art mediums -- not being afraid of a variety of colors to obtain the value and creating Notans (here's a good link explaining what Notans are - bonus if you like cats).  I found a sheet of the paper she recommended at Hobby-Lobby ($2.69 before the 40% off coupon!) so I can play and explore with pastels some more.

Update 9-26-14 - At the last minute, I tossed this into my bag and entered it in the Fort Bend County Fair and it won a blue ribbon!


Monica said...

So happy to see you are getting into the art routine. It is very satisfying. It also is a never ending source of new supplies and tools to be bought. I de ided drawing on the road is not a good plan! Lots of shaky line and scribbles. Errors due to size of fonts a iPad stubbonness

Peggy said...

Me, too Monica! It's like a switch was flipped. I surprise myself. And I love checking out new sources for new supplies and tools -- and potential!