Friday, November 30, 2012

Last issue of Everyday Food : (

No More Day Food
My and everyone else's last issue of Everyday Food.  It was one of my, if not THE favorite recipe magazine ever.  I was a subscriber from the very beginning in 2003. I thought the recipes were innovative, tasty and most importantly - easy to create in my own kitchen. "Martha Light", if you would.

Per the "Dear Everyday Food Subscriber" insert, Martha Stewart Living magazine plans instead to incorporate it in their subscriber issue copies (apparently not the newsstand ones?!) five times a year, beginning with the March 2013 issue.  And content will also be available on YouTube and as a video newsletter "Everyday Food with Sarah Carey".

But it just won't be the same without that cute little magazine I would either stuff in my purse or have on my coffee table, waiting to be flipped through for inspiration and feeding my family.

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