Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Two for Tuesday - Matcha, Not so Matcha

I found these two teas at Target - glad to see that Target is carrying The Republic of Tea's Be Well tea line and interested to try a new tea/product line.  I picked up Get Matcha and Day is Done Bedtime Blend.

I love Matcha green teas, but often when you purchase them at coffee/tea shops, they are blended with sugar or sweetened almond milk or not non-fat regular milk.  Hard to watch the carbs and the calories when you don't know what you are drinking.   Target is carrying this and some of the others in their Be Well tea line.  Priced at $9.99 for 36 tea bags.  The bonus with this particular matcha - it won't turn "Kermit Green" and it has the added green tea and green rooibos for additional goodness and flavor.  I would suggest using two tea bags if using a larger mug. I rate this 5+

The eye catching display of the Beekman Farm Pantry line looked interesting (look at the end of the pasta aisle).  They had three teas, for three times of the day.  Clever!  I got the Day is Done Bedtime Blend.  An herbal, no caffeine tea, I liked the color and the tin design.  Alas, not so much the tea.  The ingredients sounded interesting - Lemon Balm, chamomile, nutmeg, peppermint, cornflowers - and the fragrance quite nice.   $5.99 for 20 sachets.  However, once brewed, to me it just tasted...odd.  I even just brewed another mug just to make sure.  Nope.  Not bad, but perhaps it will be someone else's cup of tea.  They do have a fun website and other teas and products.  And I plan to try their other items at Target, it's nice to be able to support American farmers.
I didn't try/get the other teas because they had citrus

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