Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Musing - the Goo of Aquamarine (Sounds kinda Zen-like, yes? There is a lesson contained herein)

Not actual size
What is it about samples?

We love to get them,
but we don't love to use them?  What's the deal here?

They pile onto each other in the drawers we stuff them in, until about once a year we do a clean out, and donate them to women's shelters and food banks.  
And vow to use the freebie goodies we think we want to keep.

But then what do we do?  Perhaps toss a few that leaked or can't figure out what they are/do.
Hair catalyst?!

Some are easily carbon-dated -

In my defense this was hidden underneath, yes, more traveling kits
Some are so tiny, there's barely enough for one use.

So we think we will use it when we travel, thanks to TSA.
Stashing a few of them in our traveling makeup/toiletries bags.   Which I've also sorted through, tossed/donated.

But who wants to take a chance on something that could stink to high heaven when trying to impress relatives and friends, or a special occasion you flew halfway across the country for.   Or a quick* weekend getaway trip.

*While patting yourself on the back for being so spontaneous and prepared, be sure to prelocate those urgent care ER rooms popping up in strip malls and along the freeways.  Or also toss in a few doses of Benadryl in the convenient peel-to-open dose packaging.

Or even an allergic reaction to the product since you can't see the ingredients on said tiny tube if they are even on there, since you peeled it off the glue dot of the cardboard holder upon acquiring and tossing into the drawer.
#NoSoy, #NoStrawberries
Trust me on this.

We are savers.  Not so much money, but for stuff.  And security.
Perhaps we need to focus more on the money, too.   Seriously.
(It doesn't count you saved money with free stuff.)

Saving for a special occasion or just to know we have?
(this translates to money, too)
Eventually it all turns.  (the freebies and the economy)

We are easily inbred to try and save things, don't use the good stuff, I may need this someday.  I know, because this happened. . .

My Mom had this beautiful bottle of lotion by Revlon, "Aquamarine."  The color, so pretty.  The name, my birthstone.  I would look at it for years on the shelf in the linen closet. Being saved for what?   Obviously for me - a 10 year old me going after at least a 5 year old bottle glop!  I thought I could get away with just opening it and seeing what aquamarines smelled like at least.   But - It...exploded when I twisted off the cap and squeezed!  All over me, my clothes, the clean towels, the shelves, the floor.  And it didn't smell how I thought aquamarines would.

Revlon Aquamarine Body Lotion
Lesson learned then and now, and oft-repeated. . .

Be mindful -- You can have abundance with less.
Start with those drawers and shelves (and linen closets) today and be in the moment to -
-Use and enjoy what you have.
-Keep only what you truly like and need.
-Stop stocking and waiting for the right time.
-If you don't want it, decline or donate.  There are others who will.

Later is now.

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