Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Tea Time - Dunkin' Goes Green

This week - Dunkin' Donuts Green Tea
Cost:   $5.99
Number of teabags:   20
Caffeine:  Very little
Type of tea:   Green
Steeping time:  3-5 minutes, per box
Add ins:  Natural Bliss Sweet Cream or plain with honey
Ingredients:  100% green tea
Fragrance:   Grassy, sweet
Opinion:  I like that this tea was sourced by a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership.  But...Dunkin should stick with coffee.  I tried this several times.  The first time I thought was my fault and may have over steeped it.  Very bitter.  And with a nasty aftertaste.   Even after I added the Sweet Cream.  Next, I timed it for 3 minutes and just added a little bit of honey.  That was awful, too.  And then trying to save it, I added a little bit of milk.  Nope!  I even checked the box, the expiration is August 2015.   I was very disappointed and didn't even send this in with hubby to work.  Your mileage may vary, the reviews on their website were all 5 stars.
Rating:  -0  (yup, that's a minus zero)

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