Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Pumpkin 2013!

Hopefully Chococat will have nine lives and stick around!

I used Martha Stewart's glitters -- Crystal Fine, Onyx, Brownstone, Cinnabar and Turquoise - from that 24 pack I scored at Michael's awhile back, 50% off.

I was pretty impressed with this - found it at Texas Art Supply for less than $2!

I also used Liquid Pearls in "White Opal", to highlight the ears, around the face and along the stem.

I thought this looked like a starfish!

Inspiration:  Magnet 

The sketch!

Ready to trace!
I put it on top of the pumpkin and with a little pressure traced along the lines with a pencil to create a line (dent) in the pumpkin
No need for carbon paper!

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